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Optimand allows luxury hotels globally to easily visualize real future demand, increase direct bookings and get powerful market insights.

Optimand doesn't give you forecasts or predictions, it simply shows you what is really happening.

What we offer

Real-Demand is the new competitive advantage

Optimand helps Hoteliers increasing online profitability by using powerful,
customer-driven demand insights and custom applications. You can finally see for the first time highly detailed demand insights opposed to generic web traffic data.

Demand Analytics

Access real-time demand data directly from your website and benchmark your performance against your competitors. Optimand reveals digital trends and totally unique insights that your team can better convert into actionable strategies.

Conversion Tool

Our unique algorithms are able to manage and distribute opaque rates and tailored rates only to your target audience so that you can increase conversion, safely cut dependency from OTAs and avoid undifferentiated discount offerings.

Business Intelligence

Maximise your time and keep track of your hotel performance, with our fully customizable set of reports and analysis. Get access to pickup reports, analysis by sources, markets, travel agencies, corporate travellers and more.

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Go live in minutes, simply add the Optimand code to your website

Our demand analytics for hotels can be up and running in just a few hours and
easily works with any hotel website or booking engine

web analytics

View detailed demand insights
in real-time

Optimand is the first tech platform since 2016 to provide real-time demand data and web analytics to some of the best luxury brands in the hospitality industry.
Proved to be an essential tool for Digital Marketing, e-commerce and Revenue Management teams.
Optimand can help fight uncertainty and increase your online profitability allowing access to very unique insights.


Get more direct bookings

Simply activate targeted rates on your hotel website.
Users are able to fully customise rates and packages based on a large number of predetermined criteria.
The use of this feature has been instrumental in driving greater conversion with our partners seeing a 27% increase in direct bookings as a result.
The rates remain opaque allowing you to keep price parity with the OTAs, and if any of your partners is undercutting your rate, you can instruct Optimand to automatically match it or offer a better deal on your website.


Analyse hotel performance and create custom alerts

Optimand can also receive automatic updates from the property management system to generate multiple production reports including pickup, pace and overall production reports which can be easily done through our user-friendly interface saving you time to make better and more informed decisions.

Currently available for Opera PMS, Mews and Protel.

Easy integration

There are no changes required on your side and we can have you live within 2 hours. Simply add the Optimand code into your tag manager or website footer. No interfaces or setup fees required.

Designed for leaders

Optimand is the very first real-demand analysis and business intelligence tool, created in 2016 by hospitality industry experts to target the needs of hospitality industry leaders.

Smart data solutions

Our solutions have been specifically designed for luxury hotels unlike most of the analytics tools on the market. Custom applications available for any hotel website.

Customer success stories

Boosting conversion rate on your own website has never been important like before.

Together with one of our partners, Sircle Collection, who has a strong vision on current and future digital landscape like we do at Optimand, we worked on an interesting case study.

Customer success stories

Thanks to the collaboration with PredictHQ, Optimand provides to its clients a granular and fine knowledge about the local events data, integrating them in its dashboards and reports. Please find below the relative Case Study.

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"Optimand is one of the smartest systems we have worked with. It gives insights outside the realm of a usual RMS system and is presented in a clear and functional way. We continue to use Optimand on a daily basis to remain competitive and ahead of the market. In addition to this the team are very agile and are constantly improving capabilities based on customer feedback."
G. Hill
Cluster Revenue Manager

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