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Real-time hotel demand analysis

Access live demand and conversion data from your property website and fight uncertainty by having a unique visualization of your future demand.

Get access to your hotel demand

The only platform showing real intention to book as opposed to generic web performance data. Optimand reveals digital trends and provides totally unique insight into revenue and booking patterns that you can better convert into optimised revenue and marketing strategies


Powerful insights

Optimand helps Hoteliers in improving their digital marketing strategies and increasing profitability by using powerful, customer-driven demand insights. The system can be up and running in just a few hours and easily works with any hotel website or booking engine.


Destination demand

Optimand can also compare live demand against a pool of similar properties operating in the same market. Get access to your destination demand and benchmark your hotel website metrics. The integrated rate shopper and local events module allows you to promptly react to unexpected demand picks.



Thanks to Optimand fully customizable dashboards, you'll be able to view a comprehensive overview of your hotel within the same platform. This includes website data, destination demand, PMS data, competitor’s rates from multiple channels, and local events data.


Referrals and funnel analysis

With Optimand you can unlock the most advance tools to analyzing your hotel website funnel, optimizing your digital marketing strategies, and boosting direct bookings with personalized rates. With these tools, you'll gain valuable insights and increase your success in the competitive hospitality industry.


Always at the top of trends

Receive relevant alerts regarding demand variations or pricing trend changes directly on your mobile devices.

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