Hotel Pricing Competitors

Hotel rate shopper

Quickly compare pricing strategies with competitors using customizable room-type configurations.
A real-time rate shopper used by independent hotels and hotel groups worldwide.

The real-time Rate Shopper and business intelligence for hotels

Using a business intelligence tool and a rate shopper can provide significant benefits to a hotel manager:

Competitive Rate Analysis: A rate shopper allows hotel managers to compare their rates with those of competitors in real-time. This helps in understanding market trends, identifying pricing opportunities, and ensuring competitive pricing strategies.

Optimized Pricing Strategies: By analyzing competitor rates and market demand through a rate shopper, hotel managers can make informed decisions about adjusting room rates to maximize revenue and occupancy.

Pricing insights

Gain insights into how your pricing and promotional strategy over time affects outcomes

Rate evolution

Track the rate trends at your property and analyze them in comparison to your competitors (compset)

Manage your compset

Easily modify your competitive set, providing you with valuable insights to improve your pricing strategies and hotel's revenue performance

Rate shopper and BI combined

Market Insights: Both tools provide valuable market insights, including demand patterns, booking lead times, and seasonal variations. This data enables managers to forecast demand accurately and plan promotional strategies effectively.

Performance Monitoring: Business intelligence tools offer comprehensive performance dashboards that consolidate data from various sources, including revenue, occupancy rates, guest demographics, and online reviews. This helps in monitoring key performance indicators and identifying areas for improvement.

Operational Efficiency: Integration of business intelligence tools with operational systems (like property management systems) streamlines data management and reporting processes. This saves time for hotel staff and enables them to focus on guest services and strategic decision-making.

Better tech to improve your Guests experience

Enhanced Hotel Guest Experience: Data insights from these tools can also be used to personalize guest experiences, tailor marketing campaigns, and optimize inventory management. This leads to higher guest satisfaction and increased repeat business.

In summary, leveraging business intelligence tools and rate shoppers empowers hotel managers with data-driven decision-making capabilities, enabling them to stay competitive, maximize revenue, and deliver exceptional guest experiences.

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